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Top-Notch Junk Removal Humble TX | Serving Houston Metro Area

Looking for a reliable junk removal service near Houston? Haul My Junk, a top-rated junk removal Humble TX company, stands ready to help you declutter your home or business efficiently and affordably. Let us guide you through our straightforward process, eco-friendly disposal practices, and how to easily book our top-notch services.

Key Takeaways

Experience Quality Junk Removal in Humble, TX

Haul My Junk has carved a niche for itself in the junk removal industry, not just for its top-notch hauling services, but also for the exceptional customer experience it provides. The team’s professionalism, punctuality, and exemplary customer service have earned praise from customers across the Houston Metro area, cementing the company’s reputation for quality service.

Centrally located in Humble, TX, Haul My Junk provides comprehensive residential and commercial junk removal services. The company’s services include:

  • Furniture removal

  • Appliance removal

  • Electronics recycling

  • Yard waste removal

  • Construction debris removal

The company’s commitment to efficiency and affordability has made it a go-to choice for customers looking to declutter their spaces and replace old appliances without breaking the bank.

Residential Junk Removal Services

In the realm of junk removal services within Humble, TX, Haul My Junk is meticulous in our efforts. The skilled team specializes in a spectrum of cleanout tasks from garage overhauls to hauling away hefty appliances and extraneous furniture pieces. For any amount or size of junk accumulation you might have, rely on the competence of Haul My Junk for prompt and thorough removal.

Haul My Junk possesses proficiency that covers numerous sections throughout your residence including:

  • Garages

  • Basements

  • Attics

  • Estates

Commitment to detail by this professional team guarantees a comprehensive purge of clutter across every nook, ensuring your home transforms into an uncluttered sanctuary with their help. 

Commercial Junk Removal Services

In Humble, TX, commercial entities have access to a comprehensive suite of junk removal services courtesy of Haul My Junk. The array of services provided includes:

  • Clearing out offices

  • Decluttering storage areas

  • Emptying warehouses

  • Retail store clearance

  • Removing construction debris

Haul My Junk promises an unobtrusive and seamless service that ensures minimal disruption to your business activities.

With their commitment to providing efficient and expert support in junk removal, businesses are free to focus on their primary functions while the team at Haul My Junk handles the haul-off tasks with professionalism. 



Phone Number

(346) 328-8838

Eco-Friendly Practices: Donating and Recycling

Haul My Junk emphasizes the importance of protecting the environment by striving to decrease landfill contributions and lessen our ecological impact. We pursue green methods, which include recycling appropriate junk and repurposing items through donations to community charities.

Consequently, when you choose Haul My Junk for your waste removal needs, you’re not simply getting rid of unwanted junk. You’re also playing a role in fostering environmental sustainability and enhancing local communities. Your useful but discarded goods are carefully sorted out for donation to support charitable causes and help individuals facing hardship. And for those pieces that aren’t fit for donation, they ensure these are processed via recycling efforts with the goal of cutting down on landfill debris.

Local Charities

In Humble, TX, many charitable institutions are open to receiving usable donations. Haul My Junk collaborates with these local organizations by contributing goods that have been collected through their junk removal services. This practice not only supports those in need within the community of Humble, but also helps minimize waste through the repurposing of items that remain functional.

Pricing and Booking Made Easy

Committed to delivering top-notch customer service, Haul My Junk provides an easy-to-understand pricing and reservation system. Our fees are fair and openly detailed, taking into account the amount, heaviness of the junk, and its placement on your premises — guaranteeing that customers receive excellent value for their money.

Haul My Junk simplifies the process. With its accessible online scheduling platform. This convenience is available to residents across Humble or any other Houston Metropolitan location seeking junk removal services. It allows clients the flexibility to arrange for a haul at their discretion, around the clock. 

Transparent Pricing

Haul My Junk distinguishes itself from other junk removal companies by prioritizing clear and transparent pricing. We take pride in our integrity, ensuring there are no concealed costs involved. With Haul My Junk, the price you’re initially quoted will be consistent with what you’ll actually pay—eliminating any unexpected fees or surprises.

Several criteria influence the cost of their junk removal services.

  • The amount of junk being hauled away

  • The type of materials to be disposed

  • The overall weight of these materials

  • Their location on your property

By factoring in these elements, Haul My Junk guarantees that customers only spend money on the specific services they require for removing their junk, combining professionalism with affordability in each job undertaken. 

Online Booking

Haul My Junk has enhanced the convenience for their customers with a 24/7 online booking platform, allowing you to arrange your junk removal session at any moment that fits into your schedule effortlessly from home.

By visiting our website, you can fill out our online contact form and get in touch with a junk removal expert quickly. From here, we can schedule a time that works best for you and learn more about what type of service you need. Our reliable team will help you every step of the way to ensure an easy and seamless process. 

Meet the Team: Professional and Efficient Service

At the core of Haul My Junk lies a dedicated and skilled crew that embodies both effectiveness in their service and a dedication to environmentally responsible practices. They hold in high regard the establishment of solid relationships with locals by providing outstanding junk removal services. Their adherence to promptness is part of an overarching aim to ensure total client satisfaction.

Jermaine Potts, who owns the business, leads by example, making certain his team meets stringent standards of quality service. Customers within Humble, TX and its surroundings are guaranteed a proficient and expedient method for hauling away junk—a hallmark of what Haul My Junk represents as a service provider. 

Owner Profile: Jermaine Potts

The proprietor of Haul My Junk, Jermaine Potts, transcends the title of a mere junk removal specialist. He stands out as a pillar within his community, committed to contributing positively through his offered services. His dedication to environmental sustainability contributes significantly towards fostering a more eco-conscious Houston Metro region and is integral in shaping his company’s approach.

Under Jermaine’s guidance, you can be assured that when engaging with Haul My Junk for your hauling needs, the task will not only meet expectations, but will be executed excellently from the onset. 

Crew Expertise

The team at Haul My Junk is recognized for their quick, skilled, and amiable junk removal services. Clients typically receive prompt replies from the crew, with many junk haul tasks being finalized within 24 hours after first reaching out.

Acknowledged for their professionalism and adeptness, the crew proficiently manages diverse removal jobs ranging from minor household purges to substantial commercial endeavors. Regardless of the size or complexity of your project, you can rely on Haul My Junk’s team to provide a seamless service consistently.

What We Don't Accept: Hazardous Materials

Haul My Junk is devoted to helping with the elimination of unwanted items, yet it’s important to note that they exclude hazardous chemicals or materials from their services. This approach guarantees a secure and conscientious junk hauling procedure, safeguarding the environment as well as the crew involved in the removal process.

Common Hazardous Items

Household chemicals, materials with asbestos content, and yard maintenance products typically constitute hazardous items in domestic settings. Due to their toxic, combustible, reactive or caustic characteristics, these substances necessitate unique disposal techniques which exceed the capabilities of a regular service for the removal of junk. Standard services offering junk elimination cannot cater to this kind of waste because it requires specialized handling beyond just clearing out undesired clutter.

Proper Disposal of Hazardous Waste

Ensuring the correct disposal of hazardous waste is critical for protecting both public health and the environment. Inappropriate management of such substances can cause significant environmental damage and pose substantial health threats. Hazardous materials that require careful disposal include those that are flammable, reactive, corrosive, or toxic.

Individuals living in Humble, TX or nearby areas should reach out to their municipal waste management services for guidance on how to dispose of these dangerous items properly. Facilities authorized to manage hazardous waste have the proper capabilities to treat and dispose of this kind of material without endangering air quality or water sources. It’s vital not only for residents in Humble but everywhere else as well: mishandling hazardous wastes or inadvertently combining them can result in perilous chemical reactions with far-reaching consequences. 

Service Areas: Beyond Humble, TX

Located in Humble, TX, Haul My Junk offers its services not just within the city, but also encompasses a wide range of locations throughout Harris County and into the greater Houston area. Their reach extends to include communities like Cypress, The Woodlands, and Spring in Texas.

Haul My Junk demonstrates an impressive commitment to delivering sought-after hauling services across an ever-growing number of localities. This reflects their dedication to excellence and successful provision of essential service options. 

Cypress, TX

In Cypress, TX, Haul My Junk offers an array of services for junk removal that cater to the specific demands and financial plans of its clients. Whether it’s removing an unwanted hot tub or handling furniture removal tasks as well as comprehensive cleanouts, their service lineup is tailored to serve diverse customer needs.

Haul My Junk stands out in Cypress, TX for providing reliable junk haul services at competitive rates along with round-the-clock customer support. This makes them a preferred provider when it comes to handling various kinds of junk removal requirements. 

The Woodlands, TX

Haul My Junk takes great honor in providing for the residents of The Woodlands, TX community. They present an assortment of customized services specifically designed to address the various junk removal requirements unique to both individuals and local businesses.

Whether it is a household aiming to free up living space or a company seeking thorough office clear-out assistance, Haul My Junk stands ready to deliver comprehensive service. 

Spring, TX

In Spring, TX, Haul My Junk offers a vast array of junk removal services for both residents and businesses alike. This service ensures that all your unwanted items are efficiently taken away.

Should you require expert junk haulage in Spring, TX, look no further as Haul My Junk stands prepared to provide top-notch removal services tailored to meet your needs.


Haul My Junk excels in the junk removal industry, offering not only professional and proficient service, but also demonstrating a commitment to eco-friendly operations and community involvement. If you live in Humble, TX or nearby areas such as Cypress, The Woodlands, or Spring, count on Haul My Junk for your junk removal needs—they’ll handle it with dedication and expertise.

When it’s time to clear out unwanted items from your space while contributing positively to the environment, consider hiring Haul My Junk. In choosing their services, you won’t just be disposing of your clutter—you’ll also support an enterprise that takes pride in its civic responsibility and ecological stewardship. 

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